Ken Price Emulations

I've been interested in, and an appreciator of, Ken Price's work, an American sculptor, for quite some time. This series was a design meditation and exercise to develop my skills with sulptural forms with Cinema 4D and ZBrush
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For Pleasure
Personal Project
November 2018

Role + Process:

3D modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering, and video editing.
All geometry and animation was created with Cinema 4D and ZBrush. Lighting was handled with Octane Render. Texturing was completed with Octane Render's native material system. Color correction and video editing were handled with After Effects.

Sound design was created by me on an OP-1 + Ableton.

Like the other sculptures in this series, the forms were sculpted in ZBrush before being exported to Cinema 4D
Once in Cinema 4D, I began to create the studio lighting environments and backdrops these pieces would come to live in
With the lighting environments created, I began to focus on materials, wanting to create textural qualities reminiscent of Ken Price's work
For the materials I chose to use Octane's native material system as an opportunity to learn more about the various nodes available
My method of approach was that of Mix Materials
Each material, on average, consists of at least 2 mix materials
Within each of the textures I created that would come to be blended within a Mix Material, I relied heavily on the Dirt node
I wanted to blend rough and highly diffused materials with those of soft and highly glossy qualities. I also wanted to include additional textural elements not present within the base sculpt. To do this, I layered various Noises into the bump channel, an example of this being the orange-yellow shader featured on this sculpture
As I worked through creating the various sculptures which comprise this series, I wound up with a mini library of custom shaders
Many of these shaders came to be reused within later material explorations, the most notable of which being the dark grey glossy shader featured within the grooves of this sculpture
Like much of Ken Price's work, I wanted to include vibrant colors. I achieved this, largely, by using the Gradient node
Of the various nodes I explored during this series, the one I came to enjoy most was that of the Dirt node
On sculptures with a higher degree of topological variance, the Dirt node really shines, this sculpture being a prime example (as evident in the mottled gold areas of this shader)
About mid-way through this series, I decided that I would create an animation featuring each of the sculptures rotating
So, to give some 'plausibility' to these sculpture's presentation, I created the turntable each piece sits on. The turntable was modeled in Fusion 360
Once adding the turntable into the scene, I prepped this project for rendering
With the sequences rendered, I wanted to add a final 'touch', and created a short piece of sound design. After making the backing melody, I edited the sequences together in After Effects
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