Proper, a sleep and wellness company, reached out with a need for visualizations of their product line. Below are some of the various renderings I've produced for this project.
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For Profit
August 2020

Role + Process:

3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering.
The base models were made through a combination of CAD software and Cinema 4D. Lighting was handled with Octane Render. Texturing was completed through combination of Substance Painter and Octane Render. Mild color correction was handled in post production with Photoshop.

This shot was particularly rewarding to create! Using the bottle and capsule assets I had created for earlier shots, I added into the scene their formulations box (the general form of which was created by tracing the individual panels in Figma and exporting them as SVGs which were then used as geometry in Cinema 4D and was textured with Substance Painter), a houseplant from the Quixel Megascans library, and the previously created iPhone model. To complete the scene, I modeled a simple bedside table, lamp, glass of water, and coaster. Extensive color correction was carried out with Photoshop to adjust the 'mood' of the lighting to that which, ideally, reads 'early evening'
Proper differentiates itself from its competitors by offering personalized sleep coaching -- the goal for this shot was to include their Core Sleep formulation alongside their sleep coaching page. I saw this as an opportunity to include some scattered capsules to add visual interest to this shot
Dedicated to long-term sleep health, Proper has available for their customers sample packets of their various formulations. To create the sample packets I used a combination of Fusion 360, ZBrush, and Cinema 4D. The packaging materials were created with Substance Painter
Hero shot of Proper's formulation capsules. The capsule shells were modeled to scale in Fusion 360 with materials being created in Substance Painter

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