Rings of Power

While on holiday in 2019, I visited a used bookstore and found a wonderful book called 1000 Rings, Inspiring Adornments for the Hand. I was immediately inspired by what I saw within its covers and realized that I could recreate some of these rings in Cinema 4D (while also using some of the shapes as inspiration for my own designs). This series was undertaken to further explore form, color, and texture.
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For Pleasure
Personal Project
May 2019

Role + Process:

3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering.
All geometry was created with Cinema 4D. Lighting was handled with Octane Render. Texturing was completed with Octane Render. Color correction was handled with Photoshop.

Ring of the Moonrise Pontiff, the first ring of power
As this was the first in my series, I felt a deep desire to create something based around my interests, which in the case of these explorations were the arcanic rings of Dungeons & Dragons and Dark Souls lore
The materials I created for this project were done so entirely within Octane Render. Taking inspiration from 1000 Rings, Inspiring Adornments for the Hand, I knew I wanted many of these pieces to rely heavily on the incorporation of metallic textures
To add additional visual interest to this series, each ring has its own specifically designed stand in which it rests upon
Ring of the Ivory-Horned Seraphim
This particular ring was heavily inspired by a Pierre Cavalan's 'Sueño en la Playa'. I took a few liberties with my version by way of some 'mildly arcanic' elements. The material I created for the ring's horns was done by blending two Octane materials together with a Mix Material and distributing the darker coloration with the Dirt node
Ring of the Cursed Devourer. This ring was heavily inspired by the character designs of Dark Sun Gwyndolin and Aldrich the Devourer of Gods from the Dark Souls series
For the purple flames of this ring I created a simple Explosia FX simulation with X-Particles and created the flame shader with Octane

Sound design was created by the immensely inspiring We Time Audio House

Ring of the Opalescent Mucosal Overlord
The lumps are the result of a simple X-Particles rig which was cached and added to a volume builder object that was then textured with Octane
The material of this ring relied heavily on Octane Mix Materials and various Dirt nodes and image maps to determine the distribution of the blended materials

Sound design was created by the immensely inspiring We Time Audio House

Ring of the Covetous Flagella
This metallic material, and like many of the other materials I've created for this series, was the result of blending multiple metallic materials within an Octane Mix material with the varying distribution levels of each determined by image textures
The tentacles (which are fully dynamic) were created using X-Particles and textured using Octane with a similar material setup to what I created for the previous ring
Mammantatra's Cursed Ring of Binding
The main component of this ring, the Bayon lion, was sourced from My Mini Factory. The downloaded .OBJ was then edited slightly to accommodate its placement atop the ring
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