San Francisco Symphony

COLLINS was invited to help clarify, define and express a new vision for the San Francisco Symphony, and help them re-assert classical music as a crucial, global contemporary art form — all while staying rooted in their community and strengthening the bonds that have made them so successful for over a century. Below are the visualizations I was tasked with creating for COLLINS' case study of this project.
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For Profit
SF Symphony x COLLINS
February 2021

Role + Process:

3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering. Modeling was carried out with Cinema 4D. Lighting was handled with Octane Render. Texturing was completed through combination of Substance Painter and Octane Render.

Louis Mikolay
Erik Berger Vaage
Sidney Lim
Karin Soukup
Christine Takaichi
Ben Crick
Tomas Markevicius
Michael Taylor
Yeun Kim
Mackenzie Pringle
Eric Park
Ivan Cruz

Of the shots I created for this case study, this one here was by far the most challenging to execute! The couch was modeled with Cinema 4D and the flyaway fibers generated with Cinema's hair system. The woven fabric material was created with Substance Painter, and the final render produced with Octane
IES lights! I've heard this light type mentioned for a while now but had never taken it upon myself to really learn what makes them different from your typical 3D area light. Come to find out, it's this very type of light that adds heaps of realism to any scene. I like to think that nearly all of the mood for this shot comes by way of the various IES lights I setup to illuminate this shot :-)
This shot was created through compositing the provided backplate image with the SFS sign I had created in Cinema 4D. I relied heavily on the Camera Calibration tool to allow Cinema to interpolate the coordinates of the real-world image in XYZ space, in addition to the focal length used of the actual camera lens. After getting this aspect of the visualization setup, it was a simple matter of setting the Octane Daylight to cast shadows in both the direction and intensity as was present in the backplate image
I don't often get the opportunity to do architectural visualization, but when I do, my heart overflows with joy! The full case study for this project can be found here :-)

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