Wild Firth

Clayton McCracken, video synthesist + analog wizard, subcontracted me to assist him with a project for Minneapolis-based shoegaze band, Wild Firth. We combined my proficiency with 3D animation and rendering and Clayton's video snythesis to create a memorable visual experience.
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For Profit
Wild Firth
April 2019

Role + Process:

3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering.
All geometry and animation was created with Cinema 4D. Lighting was handled with Octane Render. Texturing was completed with Octane Render.

The final version of the video was created by Clayton McCracken who leveraged his unique form of video synthesis/analog wizardry (a process that is wholly unknown and arcane to me).

The final version of Clayton and I's collaboration towards this video project for Wild Firth's track, Nevermind

Clayton supplied me with image-based textures to be used for the landscapes, in addition to a couple of other image sequences which were used as animated textures for a couple of the created assets
Initially, I was tasked with creating photo-realistic landscapes, however, due to resolution limitations of the provided textures, we instead opted to use this to our advantage and created low-poly environmental assets, reminiscent of something you might have seen during the days of the Play Station 2
After supplying Clayton with the animated assets, he proceeded to utilize his analog wizardry to create the end result for the overall look of the video

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